Every Writer Has One

Every writer must find their voice or writing style.


George Mier (an author) hosts many videos on his YouTube page “PsycheTruth” that give aspiring, professional writers the tips they will need to make their work successful.

There are some key points that Meir makes in his video:

  1. Writers soak-up the world around them like sponges.
  2. If you read a lot, read books outside of the genre you work with as a writer. (Reading within your genre could make you a “copyist” and not an “originator”.)
  3. Speaking of reading, try reading books from a viewpoint contrary to your own.


Let’s take a look at how one writing style compares to another:

image 3

Now let us look at this same opening, but written by a different voice:

(image 4)

As we see, one narrator sounds like a city-dweller–the other a person with a country accent. As for their gender, it isn’t clear in either of these vague openings–but you definitely shouldn’t assume either of them are male just because they may sound like it.

(image 5)

Should you know your voice from the moment you start writing? Nope!

Beginning writers especially take time (maybe even through multiple short stories) to develop a voice or writing style that sets them apart from the rest.


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