Who is Ron, you ask?

With a love for writing himself, Rhondjé’s goal is to teach aspiring writers how to perfect their work. We all want to write that first novel or publish that first essay, but knowing how to write is what it really comes down to.

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As an undergraduate Belmont University student (with a major in Publishing, and a minor in Art History), and personal experiences with the ups-and-downs of his own stories and other written works, Rhondjé now wants to share what he’s learned (and is continuing to learn) with people like you following in his footsteps. Not only does he want to teach you how to become a good writer, but he wants to reveal the underlying factors of the business, research, and other necessary tools to help you fulfill your career goals in the literary arts.

But do you need the desire to make writing a career? Definitely not! Maybe you write as a hobby with the goal to learn more about your inner style. Maybe you’ve never written a short story, an essay, a novella, etc. and want to know where to begin. Fortunately, Rhondjé (Ron for short) wants to teach you everything you need to know.

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